Chasing Your Dreams Isn’t Easy, That’s Why So Few People Try To.

As we get closer and closer to our official opening and launch of our services, I wanted to explain the most critical of our services. Coaching.

There are not a ton of entrepreneurs or sole proprietors, or business owners in small towns. And the ones that are here sometimes fall prey to the trap of competition. So the result is that for new entrepreneurs or those of us facing challenges we don’t have a lot of places to turn to. We don’t want to burden our partners (spouse), our friends who work 9-5 mean well but don’t necessarily get it. And it can be hard to find the right person to talk to in the business community who both has the time and understanding to help you through what you’re going through.

That’s why a coaching relationship works. At least that’s why it does for me.

My Coach and Our Relationship

I live in a very small town, most of my friends work 9-5’s and I used to work for my father, running one of his businesses. The only people I would see were the people I worked with, that I couldn’t necessarily be completely honest with, especially if the issue was with them, and working in a family business can be incredibly stressful. That’s why I was lucky to find Robert. Robert and I have worked together for over two years now, and through the work that we have done together I have become a better entrepreneur, manager, husband and partner at home, father and manager.

The reason I get all of this benefit from working with my coach is because of the relationship we have. Our work is about my professional endeavours but also about other aspects of my life that feed that fire. By working on all of these together, coupled with his experience and unbiased perspective of the situations I find myself in, I can gain the perspective required to make better decisions, both professionally and personally. My work with Robert made me ask myself what I wanted to do with the rest of my life? The answer was obvious. I wanted to help people like me gain the same insights, strengths and successes that my coaching relationship with Robert continues to give me.

How I Can Help You As A Coach

So you might be saying that’s all well and good Sandenn, but my issues don’t need a long term coach. To that, all I can say is that you could be right. You may be facing one particularly massive issue in your career or business right now. I bet a fresh set of eyes can help with that too but isn’t it also always the case that we get so focussed on the one problem, be it profitability, staffing issues, or lack of growth that we can lose sight of all the other things that are falling apart. If we work together, you get an ally with over ten years of business management experience. You’ll get someone who has been on big stages and small ones, and most importantly, has no other motivation than to help you find success, whatever your definition of success might be.

We work together at times that allow you to live your life. We focus on the problems you’re facing as well as making substantial changes so you’re not just right back in the same boat next month. And most importantly we work together to help you deal with the stress and challenges that come with chasing your dream of success, which not everyone can or will understand. Everything we discuss is protected by a rock-solid Non-disclosure agreement so confidentiality is assured and you can be completely open and not have to worry about someone stealing your idea or letting Jim know that you’re going to fire him, a not so small benefit in a small town.

It’s not for everyone

I’d like to say that I can help everyone, I can’t. I will always try to find you someone that can if that’s the case though. I would like to say that everyone will benefit from coaching, that also isn’t true. You have to approach it with an open mind and the acceptance of the truth that most entrepreneurs have a hard time grasping, “We cannot do this by ourselves.” I’ve seen burn-out, failure, divorces and deaths all linked to someone just piling the weight of the world on their shoulders. People believe that they simply can’t let any plate stop spinning or the world will end, and they let that stress permeate, coaching can help with that, but only if you want it to, some people simply don’t.

I’d love the opportunity to work with you. You might be running your own business or trying to take that next step in your career. I believe I can help you, and if I can’t I will do my best to find you someone who can.

If you want to give this a shot book a time for a chat with me, I can’t wait to hear from you!

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