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Succession Business Accelerators

One of the hardest and most necessary activities in the world of rural entrepreneurship is succession. Regardless if it’s through inheritance or purchase, the challenges for new owners are immense. In our 10-Week Program we go in-depth into best practices for operations, cash flows, sales and marketing and organizational leadership. We will utilize local and nationally recognized leaders to provide insights into how to reform an existing company, organization or community to match your goals and meet the challenges of the future!

Week 1

The Business Canvas

Week 2

Existing Customers:

Week 3

Culture and Organizational Leadership

Week 4

Financial Forecasting

Week 5


Week 6

How to Fire People

Week 7

Growth Hacking

Week 8

Financial Best Practices

Week 9

Golden Handcuffs

Week 10

The Re-Launch

Rural Economies need a New Generation of Entrepreneur

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