Winter Workshops - Chaleur Region
Nov 27th & 28th (English) / Dec 4th & 5th (French)

Register Today & Take Your Business to the Next Level

Our Preflight program is coming home just in time for the holidays. 

If you are a business owner, have a great business idea, or are looking to gain a competitive edge in your business as you wrap up 2021 and get ready for 2022, then this weekend is can’t miss. 

Over the course of two weekends, Dockyard will host workshops in both official languages. Our expertise continues to grow and we will cater the offering to the participants. This means, no two Preflight workshops are ever the same. 

Whether you are just incorporating, side-hustling or figuring out how you will hire twenty new employees in order to meet your goals, we are have the program designed to help you reach that goal.

Enrolment is $200/participant, and we limit workshop participants to 12/workshop. There are community funds and programs through the CBDC that can help cover these costs, and we encourage you to reach out to us to find out which ones are available for you. 

Dockyard Ltd.

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