Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 

-Lao Tzu


Building Back Better

Dockyard has crafted this program to deliver exceptional value to entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial eco-systems that they belong to. Our small cohorts program allows for safe in-person sessions that drive performance and growth in Atlantic Canada’s rural economies.

One weekend to Take off

A place to see if your business idea has legs!

Your Investment

The Preflight Incubator is an intensive program designed to take your business idea and put it through rigorous analysis, scrutiny, planning exercises and so much more. Enrolment is limited but as we reach our capacity we open up applications for a new cohort.

One Weekend

$500.00/Participant & Cohort Pricing Available

What’s Included

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It’s a big decision to take your idea out into the world and let people see it. So maybe you aren’t ready to join a Preflight cohort? That’s completely fine. But, you can still follow us on social media and get a ton of valuable information, skills training and share ideas with our community.

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