Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 

-Lao Tzu


Don't Wonder What If...

We’d love to tell you that everyone’s got a million dollar idea, that with just the right bit of luck, hard work and perseverance anyone can become a successful entrepreneur. And although you will need all of those things in order to succeed they do not enough to guarantee success on its own.

Our preflight course over the course of 6 weekly sessions will help you build your business plan, analyze the costs and barriers to entry, validate your market assumptions. And likely most importantly, we will help you either invest strategically into the founding of your company, or, ensure that you don’t blow money on an idea that in reality can’t work.

Five-Weeks to Take off

A place to see if your business idea has legs!

Your Investment

The Preflight Incubator is an intensive program designed to take your business idea and put it through rigorous analysis, scrutiny, planning exercises and so much more. Enrolment is limited but as we reach our capacity we open up applications for a new cohort.

5 weekly classes


What’s Included

This initiative has really allowed me to see my project from a different perspective. Being able to bounce ideas and brainstorm with someone who has a clear understanding of how to foster growth within my business has been incredibly beneficial. With the help of Dockyard, I have been able to modernize my services and grown my business based on a solid and sustainable plan.
Jennifer Pitre
Director of the Chaleur Inclusion Network

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It’s a big decision to take your idea out into the world and let people see it. So maybe you aren’t ready to join a Preflight cohort? That’s completely fine. But, you can still follow us on social media and get a ton of valuable information, skills training and share ideas with our community.

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