One-on-One Coaching

The best advice we can give any entrepreneur is to not try to carry the entire weight of your world on your shoulders. For us Coaching is a cornerstone of our own lives and business. We work with you to help you identify substantive goals and then we work together in pursuit of those goals. 


Here to Help

Step 1: Discovery Session (book online or send me a Message)

Hi, my name is Sandenn and I’d like to help. Seems disingenuous, but it’s true. Whether you’re running your own business or in a high pressure role inside of one, we can all use some help managing the stress, demands and pressure that come with being a leader. I work with a coach and a peer support group, it’s changed my life and given me the confidence and the skills to go out and pursue my dream career. Which oddly enough is to help people pursue theirs. 

Step 2: We enter into an Engagement

Ok, this might seem a little weird in terms of phrasing, but it accurately details the level of commitment that myself and the Dockyard team will bring to the table. And, it should mirror yours. We will work together to set some goals that we want to achieve and also target dates to achieve those goals. This level of commitment is on-purpose and is meant to give you one less thing to worry about. I’m on your team and will help you however I can.

Step 3: The road beyond

We’ve achieved what we set out to do, or we have pivoted along the way and realized what we actually set out to do, this happens a lot. So, what next? Well we make the decision, do we continue or do we part ways? My hope is that whatever the decision is we are proud of the work we did together and we both in fact come out stronger.


Why Not Now?

Use the form below to send me a message about what you’d like to work on, and what challenges you’re facing. Then we can set up a discovery meeting or call to see if Coaching is a fit.