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Preflight Business Training

Providing Entrepreneurs With A Transformative Experience

Our Prefilight program is designed to not just launch companies, but it also helps to launch entrepreneurial ecosystems. Over the course of one weekend, we facilitate an entrepreneurial retreat like no other in Atlantic Canada.
Business come together to sharpen their own skills, work together and with our team of experts to craft business plans, strategic marketing decisions and the next big steps of their business.

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Our Team of Facilitators

Our team of faciltators have over a decade of working with and managing small businesses as well as working on community economic development initiatives

Sandenn Killoran

Founder and Head Coach

Jessica Poirier

Program and Entrepreneurship Coach

The Details

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Strategic Business Planning

Participants work together to craft better business plans, market strategies and KPIs. So that they can launch faster or grow stronger.
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One-on-One Attention

Les participants travaillent ensemble à l’élaboration de meilleurs plans d’affaires, stratégies de marché et indicateurs de performance clés. Afin qu’ils puissent lancer plus rapidement ou devenir plus forts.
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Perfect for Every Size Business

It doesn’t matter if you are a startup, an established business or looking at global expansion, our program challenges you to expand your horizons and definition of success

Building Back Better

Dockyard has crafted this program to deliver exceptional value to entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial eco-systems that they belong to. Our program of small cohorts allows for safe in-person sessions that drive performance and growth in Atlantic Canada’s local economies.

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Pricing and Logistics

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Our program can accommodate up to 12 participants. Our program runs at a flat rate of $6,000.00/weekend which includes the rental of a safe and adequate venue .

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In-Person & Online Delivery

We cap our participants at 12 businesses, this way we are able to safely spend valuable time and focus on every participant and their challenges. Including access to our online content .


An Open and Secure Experience

We believe that creating experiences where entrepreneurs can come together to support and challenge each other is paramount. As such we develop a non-disclosure agreement for all parties.

Jumpstart Your Entrepreneurial Eco-System

Dockyard is Atlantic Canada’s first rural entrepreneur focussed consultancy and accelerator. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and community leaders build strong, innovative and thriving entrepreneurial eco-systems. Preflight is just one of the programs and services we offer to achieve that goal.

We look forward to working with you to achieve that goal. Use the link below to text us and start the conversation.

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