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The Need

The World Is Done Waiting...

We are incredibly excited to offer the Digital Roadmap service to entrepreneurs and businesses in Atlantic Canada. And in particular, New Brunswick.

The world’s economy is now defined by integration, automation and digitization. Whether you are selling loaves of bread or diamond drill bits, the world expects you to up your digital game, and that is exactly what Dockyard’s team of consultants can help you achieve.

What Your Business Receives

A Digital Roadmap and Strategy

We all know that there are technology solutions out there for every aspect of our business. From Quality software to HR tools, to inventory management, almost every aspect of your business can be optimized using technology.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is, not all solutions are a good fit, and not all solutions match the goals and needs that you have for your business, community or organization. You could end up buying a flame thrower to light a candle (exaggerated metaphor).

By working with Dockyard, we do the hard, often ignored work of ensuring “problem-solution-fit.” Meaning that we work to ensure not only do you select the right solutions for today, but ones that can grow with you as well as creating a detailed plan for implementation.

Support from the Government of Canada and Tech Impact

A Strategic Investment in the Region's Future

These kinds of investments are so critical to Atlantic Canadian Businesses being able to compete in a modern economy that the Federal Government, through Tech Impact, has created the Digital Boost 2.0 program. Of which we are an approved technology provider.

This means that if we work together, there is the opportunity to have 75% of the cost of this project up to $20,000 covered by the government funds.

In fact, these types of activities are so important to the modernization and future competitiveness of businesses in Atlantic Canada that it is highly likely that these Roadmaps are precursors and possible prerequisites for even bigger investments in the future.

Approved Technology Provider

We are proud to be working with Tech Impact and the Government of Canada to help New Brunswick Businesses develop strategic Digital Roadmaps to achieve the growth that their businesses and communities deserve. To learn more about the program, visit Tech Impact’s DIGITAL BOOST 2.0

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