Website and Social Services

Whether you are an e-commerce business, a manufacturing plant, a baker or a farm, the days when you could get away without a website are long gone. But it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg either.

There is no such thing as not ready for advancement

Don't have the necessary funding? We can help.

Digital Roadmap

Digital roadmap is all about getting the right digital tools that fit your business perfectly. Finding the right software that won't break the bank but is also versatile enough to grow with your business. There is also funds available through Digital Boost 2.0, which Dockyard is an approved vendor for.

The Digital Transformation Grant

Digital mainstreet NB is profiding financial help for small businesses to hire Consultants like Dockyard to execute digital marketing initiatives. The Digital Transformation Grant can cover up to 3000$ if your business qualifies.


Dockyard has been working hand in hand with the CBDC since we first started. If none of the grants above an provide financial aid, we are sure that we may still find you the help you need to make the vision of your business, a reality.

Become the First Name Your Clients Think of

You Need A Digital Strategy Not Just A Website

Digital Marketing is a table-stake for businesses today. Whether it’s social media, your website, the content you produce or the funnels you establish, there has never been a greater need for a good digital game. There have also never been more options for entrepreneurs.

Desktop of Hard-Working Entrepreneur
Market Research

We dive deep into the market that you are seeking to serve. From profiles, to early adopters we help you find and engage your ideal customers to start the scale.

Digital Strategy and Service

What to post, when to post, the tools to use, we work with you to answer all those questions and then implement the resulting strategy. A service we can manage or simply assist in.

Content Strategy

Delivering value. Your market has infinite options as to where to spend their money. We help make sure that they choose you, because we help you reach them before they realize they need you!

Workshops and Continuous Improvement

When you work with us you gain access to the resources that we use across our entire service offerings. This includes access to the workshops, expert Q&A’s , Resources and toolkits.

Expert Q&As

We regularly host expert sessions on topics like market growth, sales development and much more. As a client you get preferred access to all of this.


We maintain and continually evaluate the best digital tools to continue to produce amazing content and results. As our client you benefit from this commitment.


Easy to manage, Easy to move, Digital Identities

A website is meant to be part of your digital strategy, not the entire thing. It also shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. It is also critical that you feel confident in its operation and how to decide on and implement changes on your own. We work with businesses to create websites that achieve their strategic goals and provide them with the training and help to take charge of their digital strategy.


Our team is growing with great bilingual digital media experts that can communicate in either official language.
*Our French site is currently under construction.

Cost Effective

We use industry leading tools, builders and code kits to reduce costs and ensure that you don't pay an arm and a leg for a product that given the nature of the industry will have to be regularly updated.

Social Services

No more post and pray

The point of social media is to influence. No matter what industry we find ourselves in, only 5% of the market actively seeks what we are selling. So does that mean we ignore the other 95%? No, of course not. That’s why we build strategies and schedules that strive to develop influence over the market so that your name becomes the go-to resource when people enter the sales cycle.

Managed Posts and Content Development

Content development can be tough. We work with you to determine how our team of content creators can lighten or take over that load completely.

Analytics and Strategy

Sure gasoline can start a fire. It can also blow up. Content creation and social marketing is something that can easily get away from you if you don’t approach it with deliberate purpose and key metrics. 

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