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Marketing and Strategic Planning 

Discover A new Way Forward

Finding Innovative Strategies for Growth and Success

The modern economy requires innovation, original and creative ideas and the courage to take those ideas to market.

We work with our clients to identify the core issues and barriers that need to be overcome and then we get to work to solve them.

Although we have helped businesses and organizations with many diverse opportunities and issues over the years, our three primary areas of focus are found here.

Research and Strategy

Thinking of making a big splash. Whether you're thinking of entering a new market, launching a new campaign, or buying out a competitor, we can help provide the foundation for that decision.


Do you feel like you're just treading water? Is your business feeling a little rudderless? Or, do you find yourself just doing things to say that you are doing something?

This is where OKRs can help. Objectives and Key Results are the method that the most successful business leaders in the world use to manage and grow their businesses.

Branding and Marketing

We are if nothing else, creatives. Finding unique and engaging ways to connect with your market is our passion, and we're more than happy to help you.

Research and Strategy

Sometimes the world forces you into a corner. Or, sometimes it gives you an opportunity. In either case you want to be ready and equipped to take the right action. That’s where Dockyard can help. Through years of experience and our continual pursuit of innovation and inspiration we are uniquely equipped to help you take the best next step.
Team Focussed Innovation

How do we improve the status quo? Or how do we break through it for something better. Dockyard leads retreat focussed organizational change processes.

Market Strategies

Whether it's digital, traditional, existing, emerging, or brand new markets, we are here to help you move forward with confidence and a strong plan. We work to build your brand's dominance in the market.

Sales Strategies

Where the rubber hits the road, selling is the most critical piece of any business; however, we are most resistant to invest the time and resources required to ensure success.


High Speed Innovation and Testing

Innovation is not just a trendy word, and it’s also not just reserved for the tech sector. Regardless of what industry you’re in, you can always innovate and become more. When you work with Dockyard on a Sprint, we work together to identify an opportunity or issue, develop a solution, test it, and get results, All Within One Week.
MVP (Minimal Viable Product)

It's easy to spend countless resources on a solution that doesn't work. Together we will develop the most basic version of the solution and get real data back from its implementation.

Collaborative Process

Sprints are team sports. We keep you on track but it will be your team that drives the bus. Our collaborative approach leads to more engagement, and ultimately more successful adoption and implementation.

Branding and Marketing

Finding the Best Way to Tell Your Story

Our expertise in finding new and engaging ways to tell stories has brought our team all over Canada. In today’s crowded and loud marketplace, finding ways for your market to connect with you is essential. Your brand, your story and the image you put forward in the world is the first step toward that goal.

Brand Development & Updates

Is the story you’re trying to tell landing flat. Do you know that you can really provide value to your market if they’d only notice you. Together we analyze not only your target market but your own business. 

Marketing Strategies

How do we get the word out? Fire Alarms are loud for a reason, but only provide a sliver of information. Together we will craft the best platform, format and frequency for your alarm to ring.

Websites and Social Marketing

We can build your digital infrastructure so that your business can scale and grow. Whether you’re looking for a refresh or your first website, we can help and keep it cost-effective to your business’s reality.

Reach out, we can have coffee... or a Beer

We are excited to talk with you. We will know pretty quickly about whether or not a collaboration is a good idea and even if we are not the right fit, we will help you find the right path for you and your organization.