Acceler8 North

Empowering new and established entrepreneurs to take the next steps to grow and evolve their businesses and become the leaders Northern New Brunswick needs.

Build a better Business in 12 Weeks

The game rarely changes by accident.

Do you own a business or a startup? Have you been treading water? Or struggling to get the traction that you know your company needs in order to break out. Well, then you have come to the right place. Our 12-week program is designed to work with businesses at every stage of the journey and give them access to skills, mentors, expertise and strategies they need to have their business take the next step.

If you think you’re up for the challenge of changing the game and taking charge of your business legacy, apply today!

Who you'll work with

Acceler8 North is administered and led by Dockyard Consulting and its CEO Sandenn Killoran. While in the program you will work closely with Sandenn as well as a team of mentors.


From working in incubation and startup locations across the country Sandenn discovered that there was a need for similar institutions in rural communities; however, they needed to be fitted to the needs of rural Canada


Build the skills that you'll need to thrive and grow in a modern and ever-changing marketplace. From accounting and cash flows to brand and social media marketing you'll learn from experts with years of experience.

0 +
Years of Combined experience
1 +
Different Sectors
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SKill Development

In 12-weeks we will max out your abilities in the following business disciplines

Our curriculum covers a lot of critical aspects to fine-tune some key business skills, but we cater and customize to the specific needs of our participants

Accounting Fundamentals
cash flow, investments, expenses 100%
social, email, SEO, content, branding 100%
Capital Investment
Funding, Venture Capital, Government, 100%
Growth Strategies
Expansion, Hiring, Firing, New Markets 100%


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