The Future or our Country, Province and Communities Will Rely on the Innovation of Our Rural Economies

Sandenn Killoran - Founder

Our History

The best places to live in the world are small towns. Places where people not only know who you are but care about you too. Our founders spent their time out in the world getting educated, gaining perspective and skills and choose to come home and try to build a bright future in their small home towns. 

What became obvious in short order was that the resources and organizations that were critical to spurring innovation and entrepreneurship in larger urban centres, were non-existent in smaller rural settings. 

We decided that it was time to change that.


Our main objective is to work with rural community and business leaders to create the innovative and entrepreneurial culture that will be required over the next few years to recover from the Covid-19 Recession and build resiliency in the economy to face whatever challenges come after.

We are going to accomplish this by delivering cohort based training that brings together leaders from rural regions and provide them access to thought leaders, innovative strategies and best practices that can be adopted to fit their rural business model.


Online or in-person, we practice what we preach. We have developed agile delivery methods that can provide immense value to our members regardless of what the world is throwing at us. 

Via Zoom, Email, Text and social distanced one-on-one sessions we are ready to get to work to help develop the culture and momentum that rural economies need to succeed. 

By bringing together leaders from all over Canada, we can help bring skills and knowledge to rural economies. Making these entrepreneurial eco-systems stronger, more diversified and resilient.

Co-Working Space Coming Soon...

Our objective is to establish a co-working and residency space on the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic. A space that can become a hub in northern New Brunswick for entrepreneurs and innovative minds. Our model can be employed in other rural Canadian regions as well, contact us to discuss how we can help your community too!


Shared Mission, Shared Passion, Shared Path

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Sandenn Killoran

Founder CEO

Mallory Killoran
Mallory Killoran

Founder / CFO

Sasha Robichaud

Research And client Relations

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