To Grow Rural Economies

A Mission worth Fighting For

The world is changing faster than ever before. In order for rural economies to compete and evolve, we need to work together to create entrepreneurial cultures and the resources to support them. The Dockyard is dedicated to helping rural communities innovate, train, and develop new generations of entrepreneurs.


Specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of rural communities and developed to create deep connections fostering strong entrepreneurial cultures. With curriculums based on addressing the needs of startups, businesses seeking growth, and looking to modernize as well as those looking at succession.

WorkShops & Resources

The mission of Dockyard is to create entrepreneurial and innovative cultures in rural Canada. We do that by helping out businesses and the public through access to resources and workshops led by business and thought leaders. Our workshops are meant to inspire action and innovation and are responsive to the needs and opportunities in the eco-system.


Humble yet confident. Our confidence comes from our knowledge that we will never stop learning. We are convinced that we can discover the right path for your business through our years of experience and training and our robust network of industry leaders and experts.

Let’s Work Together!


"To help rural communities survive and thrive, by helping their businesses and people seize new opportunities."

If it wasn’t clear before 2020 that the world was changing beyond the traditional models that most rural communities and entrepreneurs hold, then 2020 should make it obvious. Something has to change.

We started Dockyard to help communities who realize this truth and want to find a way to preserve the amazing benefits that come with living in a small town, while knowing that they must evolve their economies and perspectives to match 2020’s reality.


To foster and nurture entrepreneurial and innovative cultures in rural communities so that they survive and thrive. 


Running accelerators, workshops and working closely with rural businesses & municipalities to modernize and evolve so they can grow today, and into the future.


Nimble, innovative, confident but always ready to learn.

"The world changed a long time ago. 2020 has just forced us to stop living in denial of that truth."
Sandenn Killoran
Founder / CEO

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