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Because That First Step Is Often the Hardest One to Take.

Democratizing Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Success

We've been getting situated for the last two years. The initial idea was to set up a startup and small business accelerator in rural New Brunswick to move the local economy towards diversification.

It didn't take long to realize what was needed in smaller communities all over Canada was a way to jumpstart an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Through one on one coaching, consulting, event planning, education and training initiatives, we've begun our mission to empower the would-be, could-be and should-be entrepreneurs and leaders in Atlantic Canada and look forward to continuing the journey with them.

Why Work With Dockyard

Over a Decade in Small Business Growth and Organization

Dockyard’s team is a collection of young professionals who have a desire to see their home towns prosper and thrive. And, for that to happen, it means that small and medium businesses in those communities have to succeed. We’ve proudly assembled a team of staff and associate resources that can provide expertise and guidance to help tackle any business problem.

Organizations We Are Proud to Work With

How we help

From training and education to dedicated engagements. Dockyard is a full service consultancy.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Need to bolster or create a go to market strategy for a new product or a new market? We can help!

Strategic Planning

Working with your company or organization to develop an in-depth strategic plan. Including the right objectives, key metrics and indicators.

Modernization and Optimization

The march of technology and progress goes madly on. We can help your business get to the leading edge.

Digital Strategy

We will work with your team to develop innovative applications of new technology to your existing and upcoming business operations.

Investments and Innovation

Bringing together potential investment opportunities in emerging startups with local investors looking to build their portfolio.


One-on-one and peer group settings allowing your business, personal and leadership roles to develop in a safe and knowledgeable environment.

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We run two to three cohorts per year for businesses about to break out. Apply today

Sandenn Killoran

Head Coach
A Message from our CEo

The World Doesn't Wait for Your Friends to Get It

Not all business ideas are million or billion dollar ones. But they don’t have to be. If you have an idea that you feel will make a positive impact on your community, in your customer’s lives and most importantly in your life, then we’d love to help you make it a reality.

Our mission was simple, to democratize entrepreneurship in rural Canada, we’d have to organize and deliver access to the same resources and expertise that larger urban centres take for granted. I believe we have done that in spades!

The reason we called it Dockyard was because the journey of an entrepreneur is filled with hard miles, brutal storms and struggles to stay afloat. We wanted to create a safe harbour where leaders could patch themselves up, restock and go back stronger!

meet the Crew

Our Epic Staff

Our Staff is just part of the team you’ll get to work with when you engage with Dockyard. We take our in-house expertise and leverage our expansive network to ensure every business we help gets the benefit of not just our internal expertise but the best Atlantic Canada has to offer.

Mallory Killoran
Finance Coach
Ismael Lavallee
Digital Coach
Jessica Poirier
Program Coach

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